The sound of a compressed ball

If you’ve ever noticed the sound of a golf ball being hit by a pro, or great player, you’ll notice that it sounds different than the balls you’re hitting. When a ball is hit with the iron’s face, it can create a distinct noise, while it’s flying through the air. Some players think it sounds like steam being released from a pressure cooker. While it’s hard to get your shots to sound like that, the key is hitting down on your ball. We’re here with some steps to help you sound like a pro out on the golf course, although it might be best if you test these out at the driving range.

1.       You have to focus on your setup. If you favor your left leg, you’re more likely to hit down on the ball. Let the shaft lean forward so that the butt end is closer to your target, than your club head is.

2.       Focus on keeping your chest on top of the ball. Don’t think about being upright. When you swing if you can stay more upright, it will steepen the angle of your hit. This will make for better contact with the ball. When you hang the club straight down from your sternum, it should be pointing right in front of the ball.

3.       When you make contact with the golf ball, your forward shaft lean should still be noticeable. Focus on letting your hands lead. Your club head should follow the grip end of the club, until right after the ball is hit.

4.       If you’re having trouble with this shot, try practicing with this drill. Take a tee and place it on the ground, just a few inches behind the ball’s position. Be careful that when you’re hitting shots, you’re only hitting the ball but not the tee. If you’re careful of this, and follow the steps above, you might just hear that magical sound you’re wishing for.