How to Lag Putt Like a Pro

Long putts can be tricky. Sometimes it seems easier to take it in one putt, but it can wind up taking two or three. Working on your lag putting can be a great way to get a longer putt in, and help your game. Here are some tips that the pros use for lag putting, to get the ball as close as you can.

1.       If it seems too long, it probably is. While it would be nice to get this shot in one putt, you might be setting yourself up for failure. If it seems too long, plan to take two putts. By planning ahead and analyzing the shot correctly you could save your score from a long putt gone wrong.

2.       A goal for a lag put that seems to long is to get it within a 6-foot diameter of the hole. Rather than aiming for the tiny hole, imagine that a radius of 6 feet around the hole is what you’re aiming for. If you can make it within this radius, you’re setting yourself up for an easier final putt.

3.       Take the shot like more of a chip. If you take the shot as a stroke, you’re more likely to not get the ball close enough. If you chip putt it, you’re likely to get it closer, as chipping it gives it the extra push the golf ball needs.

4.       Work on your stance. If you stand taller for this shot, and get closer to the ball you’re more likely to hit your goal area. If it’s a longer putt, you want to avoid the typical crouched position you use for normal putting.

5.       Practice. You can never practice enough. If you spend 15 minutes on the putting green, you can spend time working on your lag putts and see which stance and approach are right for you. Practice common putting distances and then try your longer ones. Try hitting three balls from different distances in a row, and see how different it feels. See how your stance chances, and practice getting those balls within 6 feet of the hole.

6.       Find the toughest putt you can find, and practice some more. Practice in different ways to find what works best for you. It not only helps you find the technique you need for shorter and longer putts, but it will help you with your confidence when it comes to putting different lengths during a game of golf.

Any putt is doable with a little practice. If you’re only comfortable with shorter putts, try taking some longer ones to practice on. Once you build up the confidence on longer putts your game will improve. If you continue to practice and set reasonable goals for playing longer putts, you’ll no longer dread them while playing a game of golf with friends.