Fall Golf is Here

If fall is your favorite time to play golf in Bend, then gear up because Fall play is almost here. The courses aren’t as full as most tourists have gone home for the season. The weather has finally cooled off, making the course comfortable. If you time it right, on the right day, you could even have the course to yourself. Get out there enjoy the fall air and spend time working on your game.

Fall Air

With less crowded courses, and cool weather finally arriving, it’s the best time of year to hit the golf course in Bend. Spend more time focusing on your game in the fall. With a less crowded course, there’s less pressure to move through the course quickly. Take the time to focus on your swing, and shots.

One of our favorite benefits of golfing in the fall, is that lots of golf gear goes on sale this time of year. Companies have to make room for spring stock, and tend to sell lots of summer gear off. If you’re in the market for new gear, why wait until Spring? Find your new gear now, and have time to get familiar with it during fall golf. Looking for new clubs? Get some practice swings in with your new clubs before the cold weather arrives. Get used to your gear during the non-competitive nature of the fall, so that you’re ready for some friendly competition in the spring.

Cool Play

After such a hot summer in Central Oregon, the cooler temperatures of fall are so welcome. It can be more enjoyable to play in colder weather, and some players even think it keeps them sharp out on the course.

One of the great benefits of fall golf is that with colder temperatures at night, the course is hardening up. With a harder ground, you’re going to get extra roll on your golf ball. Even further, as the grass growth slows down, you won’t have taller grass to take your shots through. Maybe without taller grass, you’ll even find your ball faster.

Take Away

If you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Central Oregon, it’s a pleasure to get out in the fall and play a round of golf. You don’t feel rushed, and the sights surrounding the course are amazing. Enjoy a couple of lazy rounds of golf before winter weather hits. Some of your best days of golf, could still be heading your way this season. Get out there and enjoy it.